Sina Azad

8/4 Tusculum Street POTTS POINT  NSW  2011

 Phone (02) 9331 5409   Mobile 041234 8537




  • Installation and operation of optical motion capture systems
  • Point cloud processing and skeleton solving with Vicon and MAC software
  • Retargeting and motion blending of character animation
  • Character modeling and rigging
  • Experienced in writing script tools
  • Advanced user in Max, Maya and Motionbuilder
  • Proficient at most CG and office software


  • Excellent written language skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to communicate with people at all levels


  • Managing mocap projects with teams of up to four people
  • Preparation of reports on process efficiency and quality assurance
  • Experience with costing, scheduling and supervision of construction projects



Queensland University of Technology
             Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical

Brisbane State High School
Senior Certificate


Jan 02- Sept 02                    I POWER SOLUTIONS
Project Assistant

  • Assist in preparation of tenders and quotes
  • Supervision of mine substation construction

Jul 03- Dec 04                      ISIS Australia
Quality Consultant

  • Documenting procedures and processes
  • Developing strategies for identifying and implementing improvement opportunities and compliance with ISO9001

Jan 05- Present                             Plastic Wax
Motion Capture TD

  • Installation and operation of optical motion capture systems
  • Development of skeletal and soft tissue marker sets
  • Motion capture data cleanup and skeleton solving
  • Blending and implementation of motion capture animation
  • Character rigging and modeling


  • Cinematic THQ "Saints Row: The Third"
  • Cinematic Trion Worlds "Rift"
  • Cinematic Bethesda Softworks "Fallout: New Vegas"
  • Tvc Panasonic "Lumix TZ10"
  • Tvc Xbox 360 "Fight for your attention"
  • Cinematic THQ "Warhammer 40000 - Ultramarine"
  • Cinematic Activision "Transformers - Revenge of the fallen" –AEAF Award
  • Cinematic THQ Warhammer 40000"Dawn of War ll" –AEAF Award
  • Cinematic 2K"Borderlands"
  • Cinematic 2K "Mafia ll"
  • Cinematic 2K "Bioshock"
  • Cinematic Capcom "Turok"
  • Cinematic EA "Ultimate Band"
  • Cinematic Eidos "Justice League Heroes"
  • Cinematic THQ " Juiced"
  • Cinematic Eidos "Tomb Raider - Legend"
  • Cinematic Eidos "Conflict 5"
  • Cinematic Eidos "Conflict 4"
  • Cinematic 2K "Vietcong 2"
  • Website ABC "Gallipoli"



Ron Roberts                                              Susan Smith
VFX Supervisor                                        Managing Director
Cutting Edge                                            ISIS Australia
Phone: 0408 787 701                              Phone: 0433 505 787


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